7 Benefits of Installing a Convertible Range Hood

Thinking of upgrading from a standard range fan to a hood but aren’t sure of the benefits? You likely have a fan above your range, but a hood takes things to the next level. Convertible range hood installation is one of the many services provided by Superior Appliance Repair. Here are the top benefits of an upgrade.

What is a Convertible Range Hood?

Before we dive into the benefits, let’s discuss what the difference is between standard and convertible. Convertible is more flexible because it can function with or without a duct system.

If you already have a ventilation system above your range, it can easily connect. If you don’t have an existing ventilation system, they can be operated with charcoal filters. In other words, no new construction is required other than removing the current fan. However, the cupboards or shelves above the fan will also need to be removed. You may want to paint, tile, or perfect the wall covering for visual aesthetics.

Just be sure to change the charcoal filters every 1 to 3 months. Every month for those who cook more than one meal per day, 2 to 3 months for those who cook less frequently.

Now let’s dive into the top benefits of upgrading.

#1 Cleaner Kitchen

Ever wondered what that sticky film is on the top of your fridge and cabinets that take forever to scrub away? This is the airborne grease that builds up over time. Your current fan might work great, but it only draws in smoke. A hood draws in smoke, grease, steam, and odor. It actually steams the grease into a liquid that is trapped in your filter. This means less cleaning for you!

Yes, there will still be nearby splatters on your range, backsplash, and surrounding countertop—but less than usual.

#2 Less Heat, Steam, and Smoke

Heat, steam, and smoke are inevitable while cooking, but now they will be routed up instead of out. Installing a convertible range hood will suction them up.

Even when present, heat, steam, and smoke won’t blow into your face. This makes cooking more comfortable, which may encourage you to cook more. It also helps to maintain your kitchen temperature and improve or maintain your indoor air quality.


#3 Improved Air Quality

Effectively routing the smoke out of your home helps to maintain air quality, which your current fan already does.

However, the steam and grease that currently float through the air can contain bacteria from the raw or contaminated food you are cooking. The steam increases the likelihood of mold. This can cause respiratory concerns or contribute to the flare-ups of anyone in your home who has asthma, allergies, or other respiratory problems.

#4 Aroma Control

Love to cook, but don’t love the leftover aroma of some of your favorite foods? While you might not mind your home smelling like apple pie, the lingering smell of the fish you cooked last night may discourage you from cooking fish. You can light candles and open the windows, but that only helps so much. By upgrading to a hood, meat, seafood, and spice-related odors will be all but eliminated.

#5 Additional Lighting

Installing a convertible range hood will improve visibility while cooking. Not every range is positioned in a well-lit area. Even with strategic ceiling lighting, you can’t always detect the nuanced changes in color and texture that are essential for perfecting your dish.

Unlike your current fan light, your new hood provides hyper-targeted and vibrant light that will illuminate even the darkest of kitchens. This improves cooking safety and the outcome of each meal you prepare.

#6 Design Aesthetic

If you don’t cook often, the benefits above may not resonate much with you—we get it! However, you may be more inspired by modern interior design trends. Modern kitchens, even those more rustic in design, come standard with stainless steel or custom-designed hoods.

So, it is one way to upgrade your kitchen without a full remodel. Or it can be part of the no-construction-required upgrades you are working on, such as swapping out the hardware and refinishing the cabinets.

Even a hood upgrade makes a powerful statement.

#7 Increased Home Value

Last but certainly not least, upgrading to a range hood can increase your home’s value. The design, layout, and built-in features of a kitchen are one of the top priorities for buyers.

Even if you don’t have plans to sell anytime soon, it is one of many ongoing upgrades that you can make to maintain value.

If you have a short or long-term rental property, a modern hood is a feature that makes your property more appealing to prospective tenants—even for those who don’t cook much.

Should You Install a Custom or Standard Convertible Range Hood?

If you decide to upgrade, you may find yourself overwhelmed with your options. For ease and convenience, standard hoods come in standard range sizes of 24, 30, and 36 inches. You can even find them direct from brands up to 60 inches wide. Shop online or from the retailer you purchased your range from to browse your options.

That being said, you may want to have a custom hood built. Custom hoods function the same, they just have a different visual aesthetic. This is ideal if you don’t have stainless steel appliances or simply don’t want stainless steel.

Need Your New Range Hood Installed?

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