Commercial Appliance Repair & Maintenance

Commercial Appliance Repairs Santa Barbara

Preventive maintenance for commercial refrigerators, freezers, coolers, wine cooler, etc.

Scheduling regular commercial refrigeration preventative maintenance should be at the top of your priority list, especially if you own a business in the food, grocery or pharmaceutical industry. We offer preventive maintenance on walk-in cooler, fridge & freezers, commercial fridges, commercial freezers, commercial coolers, commercial ice makers, etc. For businesses in such industries and in any other industry that requires a large amount of inventory to be stored in commercial refrigerators, commercial coolers, commercial freezer, walk-in fridges, freezers & cooler, your refrigeration system is one of your most valuable assets which can become detrimental to your business & profits if it stops working properly.

1. Three reasons Why You should Schedule regular Preventive Commercial Refrigeration maintenance and service:
  • Scheduling regular commercial refrigeration maintenancesignificantly lowers the risk of expensive  emergency repair. When you depend on commercial refrigeration to protect to your goods, you put yourself under risk of losing your entire inventory in case of an emergency malfunction. By scheduling regular maintenance checks, our team can troubleshoot and locate all of the small issue before they they turn into big emergencies costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs.
  • Scheduled maintenance extends the life of your commercial refrigeration system. Commercial refrigeration systems are a large investment for any business. Protect your investment with regularly scheduled preventive maintenance and service to make sure your system is operating as efficiently as possible.
  • Well Maintained commercial refrigeration systems can safe you money. Maintained walk-in coolers and freezers function better. Because of this, they operate more efficiently than a cooler that is not properly maintained, which in turn means less money spent on on emergency repair bills


2. What does preventive maintenance service include?

Our technicians will properly check all of the components of your refrigeration system thoroughly. Depending on the unit, we have compiled a checklist of up to 50 items which will assist with a full & thorough verification your unit(s).

At the end of the inspection, you will receive checklist with tasks and recommended corrective actions for your refrigeration equipment. Our maintenance program seeks to eliminate the deficiencies that degrade or impair the refrigeration system and it’s components. The technician will recommend actions to correct these issues.


3. Why we started to concentrate on preventive maintenance service on all commercial refrigerators, freezers, ice makers and walk-in coolers?

We are technicians. We have been repairing all types of commercial refrigeration systems for many years, and we had a lot emergency service calls every week at night and on the weekend which ended up costing the customers hundreds, and sometimes even thousands, of dollars. In our experience we found that most emergencies with commercial refrigeration equipment were mainly due to the lack of proper preventive maintenance. Failure to properly maintain coolers and freezers will lead to various unpleasant outcomes. Poorly maintained equipment uses more power to maintain temperatures. Such units are also prone to premature failure of critical components. These failures usually occur at the most unexpected times, at nights, over the weekends and in the middle of the working day. Emergency repairs have a significant cost and cost significantly more after hours or on weekends compared to normal business hours. For this reason we decided to start this tyoe of  business which concentrates on preventive maintenance. Our goal is to make your business equipment run as efficiently as possible  and help reduce, and even eliminate, large unexpected repairs bills.

4. Refrigeration Service Pricing:

Preventive Maintenance Services

1st unit $249.00

$199.00 for each other unit
  • Check condensing unit
  • Condensing unit cleaning
  • Check evaporator fan/coil/unit
  • Evaporator fan/coil cleaning
  • Check for indication of refrigerant leaks
  • Recommendations for corrective actions

Preventive Maintenance Services

1st unit $299.00

$239.00 for each other unit
  • Condensing unit service
  • Evaporator fan/coil/unit service
  • Check for compressor operations
  • Check all compressor operating controls
  • Seal system check
  • Electrical controls check
  • Door/gaskets check
  • Walls/panels/interior check
  • Refrigerant line insulation check
  • Recommendations for corrective actions

In addition to preventative maintenance, we also provide full-service commercial appliance repairs!