Why You Should Consider Refurbished Appliances

Does your dream appliance cost more than you want to spend? Is your budget tight, but you need to replace an essential appliance? Is your current make and model working, but you want to upgrade? Do you simply love getting a good deal? Looking to make more environmentally conscious purchasing decisions? These are some of the top reasons to consider refurbished appliances instead of brand-new units.

What Are Refurbished Appliances?

Refurbished most often refers to electronics, machines, equipment, and household appliances that have undergone a detailed restoration process that returns them to as close to new as possible. There may be some cosmetic damage, but it will be inspected and tested to ensure it works. Keep reading, as refurbished can also refer to brand-new items!

Be sure to inquire about the warranty. It won’t be for as long as a brand-new purchase, but it will provide you with the peace of mind that you are investing in a quality product.

Just ensure that you understand the difference between “used” and “restored” as “used” may not be restored. Used options are operational but not refreshed to factory standards. They are typically even less expensive than restored and may have many years left in them—but probably don’t come with a warranty.

But Isn’t New Better?

That depends on how you define better. From an aesthetic perspective, brand-new will be visually flawless. That isn’t to suggest that there will be tremendous visible wear and tear, on restored items—but they certainly won’t be flawless. Some will, however, be near-new in their appearance. A reputable retailer will be transparent about cosmetic issues.

In terms of performance, refurbished appliances work at peak performance. While there are no guarantees, a reputable retailer won’t sell a unit if they don’t sincerely believe it won’t be operational for at least the next few years. They want you to be pleased, and to return for future purchases.

As with all household essentials, use and maintain as directed to extend the lifecycle.

How Is the Restoration Process Completed on Appliances?

The process is complex and completed by a tenured technician. Most modern appliances have electronic diagnostic technology built-in, so restoration often begins with a diagnostics scan. This is followed by a thorough visual inspection of parts and connectors to confirm the diagnostic findings. For units that don’t have diagnostic technology, the process begins with a full visual inspection of parts and connectors. Next, comes a 360-degree inspection of the visual aesthetics.

If the technician is confident the unit can be restored, they will detail clean, perform full maintenance, and parts replacement. If it’s beyond repair, they will remove the parts that are still sound to utilize on other restoration projects.

Now let’s dive into the top reasons why to purchase restored units.

#1 It Might Be Brand New

If a new-to-you appliance isn’t appealing, inquire about items that are brand new. Many refurbished appliance stores sell options that are:

  • A discontinued make or model.
  • Purchased and returned, but never used by the buyer.
  • A display or floor model that has never been used.
  • Brand new but has damaged packaging or minor cosmetic issues.

For example, maybe a brand-new dryer with a small scratch on the side that you won’t see because it will be positioned next to a wall.

These options provide you with an out-of-the-box way to access the make and model you really want!

#2 Budget-Friendly

Appliances are expensive, so if your budget is tight or you are enthusiastic about getting a good deal—explore your local options in refurbished appliances. On average, you will spend 30% to 70% less on the original ticket price for the same make and model. This is significant at any time, especially when a household essential unexpectedly breaks down.

It can also be a cost-effective option while you save for your brand-new unit, and it is likely to last for many years to come.

#3 High-End for Less

Drawn to options that are out of your budget? If you have a luxury brand in mind or want the most advanced features and functions, consider restored.

Why would someone let go of a functioning luxury unit? Sometimes when a repair is required, homeowners take the opportunity to upgrade. Or maybe they remodeled their kitchen or home and swapped out their appliances in the process.

What they let go, could be your dream addition!

#4 Improved Functionality

Love to cook but your fridge is too small? Family growing and your washer and dryer can’t keep up with volume? Looking to place an extra freezer or fridge in the garage? Bought something that is fairly new, but it doesn’t meet your needs?

If your current option works to perfection, but you require better performance or more features and functions—explore your new-to-you options.

#5 Environmentally Friendly

Buying new is exciting, but so is making the environmentally conscious choice of investing in refurbished appliances. Many “old” units have many years left in them, and those that don’t can be scrapped for metal and parts.

Your restored investment supports your objectives of recycling and upcycling while enjoying the modern comforts of life in a more responsible manner.

No need to go 100% refurbished, as there are benefits to buying a mix of both new and restored.

Refurbished Appliances near Me in Santa Barbara

Want to explore your refurbished options? Superior Appliance Repair doesn’t just offer repairs and maintenance, but we also sell restored units. Check our online inventory, or reach out directly to inquire about what we have in stock—as we sell out fast!

We advise investing in a replacement unit (new or restored) if the cost of repair is more than 50% of the cost of replacement. Your technician will talk you through your options, including ways we may be able to extend the lifecycle of your current unit a bit longer. We include delivery and installation with your purchase, as well as environmentally-friendly disposal of your old or broken unit.

Nothing Broken? If everything is in good working condition, reach out to discuss the options we have for upgrading without breaking the bank!



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